CURAPROX Baby Gift Box Boy

For happy milk teeth

Look! This box is filled with surprises - colourful, cheerful and perfect for a good start in life. The soother supports the development of healthy gums, jaws, teeth and breathing. The teething ring prepares little ones for brushing in a playful way. The toothbrushes are made for children’s hands. You’ll see: these products will be in daily use even before their first milk teeth come through. They’re all bio-functional and free from harmful substances.

64.50 CHF

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Teething? No need to worry. Simply give your baby the Curaprox Baby teething ring, developed by children’s dentist Dr Nadja Kellerhoff, and all will be fine. This box for babies and toddlers contains extra oral health from the very beginning: the soother, developed by Dr Herbert Pick, promotes the development of the gums and jaw. This means: hardly any dental or jaw misalignment, nose breathing rather than mouth breathing, optimal oxygen supply, natural and unhindered growth. The side wings guide sucking pressure to the jaw rather than the gums. This leads to lovely round dental arches. And thanks to the toothbrush, developed by Professor Dr Adrian Lussi, babies will finally enjoy brushing their teeth: the Curen® filaments are so soft that brushing is more like tickling. The toothbrush is also rubberised, so it’s impossible to injure the delicate mucus membranes in the mouth.

  • All products have been developed in collaboration with experts in childhood dentistry.
  • The soother calms babies, prevents dental misalignment, supports jaw and gum development and promotes optimal breathing.
  • The teething ring helps with teething, promotes sensory motor development and makes brushing fun.
  • The toothbrush: extremely fine Curen® filaments tickle the teeth, providing a highly efficient clean as the rubberised brush head protects the oral mucosa.

All products are free from harmful substances like Bispehnol A (BPA), phthalates and AZO dyes, so completely safe to use.

The box is available in two versions: all the products in the “It’s a girl” box are pink, while all the products in the “It’s a boy” box are blue.

“It’s a boy”

  • Size 0 soother, blue
  • Soother holder, blue
  • Teething ring, blue
  • Toothbrush double pack, blue