CURASEPT ADS® 350 Gum Gel 0.50 % CHX (30ml)

Full chlorhexidine effect, minimum side-effects, maximum compliance

For thorough daily care under dentures as well as weekly care with implants, periodontitis and fixed tooth replacements. The targeted application of 0.5% CHX digluconate gel makes using a CS surgical mega soft toothbrush or CPS prime interdental brush easier. Alternatively, simply massage in with a finger.


13.80 CHF

Shopping cart summary

  • Full-effect CHX
  • Minimum brown discoloration
  • Minimum change in taste
  • Alcohol-free: almost no irritation of the oral mucosa
  • Ultra high compliance
  • No follow-up treatment needed
  • 30 ml of CURASEPT ADS® 350 Gum Gel 0.50 % CHX