Set - The Magical Braces

The book ‘Die magische Zahnspange’ (The Magical Braces) + our CS ortho toothbrush are now available as a set.

(Book only available in German)

Details about the book and the author are provided in the product description.


24.90 CHF

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Who wouldn't want to finally be good at school? To know the name of the capital of Madagascar, how much a hippopotamus weighs and how many grams an earthworm. But it's a bit strange that shy Tobi suddenly knows all the answers ever since wearing braces. The classmates, initially stunned with admiration, become suspicious, and Tobi, too, gradually thinks the entire matter is a bit uncanny.

Lukas Hartmann

Lukas Hartmann, born in Bern in 1944, studied German and psychology. He was a teacher, journalist and media consultant. Today he lives as a freelance writer in Spiegel near Bern and authors books for children and adults. He is one of the best-known authors in Switzerland and his novels regularly make it to the bestseller list.