BLack is White ‘Carbon’ brush head

The ‘Carbon’ brush head’s biggest secret is actually minuscule. Its CUREN® filaments are coated with activated carbon particles – a new innovation and another example of innovative Swiss brush head technology. Thanks to these activated carbon particles, the carbon filaments remove even more discolouration. This is achieved very gently and with the greatest care, without compromising the enamel. Includes CURACURVE® ergonomics, rubberised back, drop shape, and is perfect for braces, implants, dentures. Developed with Prof. Ulrich P. Saxer and made in Switzerland.


24.90 CHF

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The CUREN® filaments of the new brush head are coated with activated carbon particles for gentle but effective tooth whitening:

  • Gentle and effective: Ultra-fine CUREN® filaments coated with activated carbon particles
  • Every single area can be easily reached: The CURACURVE® ergonomics are all down to the perfect bend
  • Drop-like design for high-precision cleaning, tooth by tooth
  • Extra pleasant: rubberised back
  • Supports the hydrodynamic effect
  • Developed with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Ulrich P. Saxer
  • Compatible with all CURAPROX sonic toothbrushes
  • Made in Switzerland

Recommendation: replace after three months at the latest; with braces and brackets, replace after six to eight weeks.