Clean teeth and braces, with fun and success

Braces make oral hygiene considerably more difficult. This kit offers you all necessary tools to maintain a good oral hygiene.


CHF 35.10

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Braces make oral hygiene considerably more difficult. Dangerous plaque accumulates in the numerous small gaps and inaccessible parts of braces. Bits of food and plaque get stuck on the brackets and wires, just like on and between the teeth. This is why food and plaque need to be removed properly at least once a day to prevent dental or gum diseases.

And these are the advantages:

  • System: Ortho / single toothbrush, interdental brushes, wax & floss 
  • Easy & effective: All in one solution for orthodontist
  • Functional: Set for at home and when travelling
  • Additional  value: For orthodontist and for patients after therapy
  • UHS 451 + pre-mounted CPS 06 interdental brush
  • CPS 14 and CPS 28 interdental brushes
  • 1 strip ortho wax
  • UHS Pocket box
  • CS 1006 single
  • CS 5460 ortho
  • DF 845 implant & braces